Santa Barbara Track Club Unofficially Sets High Five World Record

Over 350 community members join SBTC's Tom FitzSimons, Jr. in setting a World Record for the most high fives in sixty seconds at Westmont College; event kicks off 2016 season for SBTC Youth Track and Olympic year for its professional Track & Field athletes From Santa Barbara Track Club

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Over 350 community members from throughout Santa Barbara County joined the Santa Barbara Track Club (SBTC) on a beautiful Saturday morning at Westmont College to attempt a Guinness Book of World Records for the most high-fives given in sixty seconds. The current world record is currently 260 set in 2015 by Powell Brown, a Florida businessman.

The "High Five 400m Dash" was led by SBTC Decathlete, Tom FitzSimons, Jr., who not only organized the event, but was also the runner providing all the high fives. Starting just after 10:00am, FitzSimons, Jr. began his sixty second journey in lane 5 with participants spread out around the track in various groups waiting for him in lane six with there hands stretched out just above their heads.

The first high five went to SBTC's Executive Director, Josh Priester, followed by FitzSimons, Jr.'s fellow teammates. Getting out quickly the first 200m of the world record attempt he next received high fives from the Westmont Track & Field and Baseball teams as well as the greater Warrior community. Heading into the second turn, Santa Barbara community members, SBTC supporters and the UC-Santa Barbara Track & Field team propelled him into the home stretch where over 100 SBTC Youth Track kids and their families brought him to the finish.

Unofficially, 385 high fives were given to FitzSimons, Jr., which will set a new Guinness Book of World Records mark for the most high fives in sixty seconds. The SBTC will next supply multiple forms of videos and paperwork to get the record officially recognized.