Santa Barbara Youth Track Club

Welcome to the Central Coast's premier youth Track & Field team! Coached by SBTC Elite and Westmont College athletes, Santa Barbara Youth TC is perfect to create a foundation for athletic excellence or simply to just have a great time in a number of events. We host two age groups (7-9 & 10-14) in two locations (Westmont College & Carpinteria HS). Questions? Please use our contact form.

The mission of the Santa Barbara Track Club Youth Track & Field program is to provide opportunities for local kids to learn the events within the sport of track & field. Each youth athlete will be taught the technical components necessary to participate and compete within the sport. These components of learning will be taught at an age appropriate level. Our vision and values are to impart characteristics that will develop leadership, perseverance, discipline and team work. Whether our youth members continue with the sport for years, or only for a short time period, we aim for this program to create a positive and enriching experience in their lives.

USATF Membership

All SBTC Youth Track participants must also be USATF members.

  1. 1. Renew / Apply at
  2. If your child has been a member, input your old membership #.
  3. If your child has not been a member, fill out the information.
  4. SBTC Club #: 33-0630

SBTC Youth Track Uniforms

Uniforms are available for $25

Locations & Schedule


Practices are held at Westmont College

  • Winter / Spring: February - May
  • Summer: June - August
  • Fall: September - November

Weekly Schedule

  • Ages 7-9: Mondays & Thursdays, 5:00pm – 6:20pm
  • Ages 10-14: Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, 5:00pm – 6:20pm


Practices are held at Carpinteria HS

  • Winter / Spring: February - May

Weekly Schedule

  • Ages 7-14: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:00pm – 6:20pm


WESTMONT Ages 10-14

  • Santa Barbara Youth Annual Membership Ages 10-14 $ 790.00
  • Santa Barbara Winter/Spring Youth Ages 10-14 $ 495.00
  • Santa Barbara Summer or Fall Youth Ages 10-14 $ 295.00


  • Santa Barbara Youth Annual Membership Ages 7-9 $ 590.00
  • Santa Barbara Winter/Spring Youth Ages 7-9 $ 395.00
  • Santa Barbara Summer or Fall Youth Ages 7-9 $ 195.00


  • Carpinteria Youth Winter / Spring $ 195.00